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Recess: A Digital Playground

School's out, it's time for Recess! Welcome to our digital playground where you can explore insights, engage with the SPED community, and celebrate student success!

Beyond Reading: Exploring the Impact of Dyslexia

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Implementation Insights: RoboKind Stations and Setup

RoboKind Reflection While many of you are quickly approaching the end of the school year, we know that you have some incredible implementation insights from which our RoboKind..

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Playful Learning: RoboKind's I-VAKT Strategies Light Up the Brain

To support student success, approaches to learning should be effective, engaging, and equitable. That's why we're reimagining learning-through-play with RoboKind's I-VAKT..

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Autism Acceptance RoboKind Coloring Showcase 2024

Autism acceptance is not just a buzzword — it is action.

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Connecting the Dots Between Cognitive and Motor Skill Development in SPED

Recent research from Oregon State University sheds light on the importance of the integration of cognitive and motor skill development. This is particularly paramount for young..

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Capturing Creativity With The RoboKind Controller

Could one of our features to increase personalization and creativity in your classroom be hiding in plain sight in your Companion App? If you’ve ever noticed the joystick next to..

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The Science of Reading in Action

EdWeek recently released an article focused on teacher time on foundational reading skills, and while "there is no magic number... it often falls to teachers to make decisions..

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Navigating Early Education: Preparing Learners for School Success

Preparing early learners for the journey of elementary school is a critical step in their developmental trajectory. Research shows that social, emotional, and behavioral skills..

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Supporting the SPED Teacher Shortage

PBS recently released a report highlighting the alarming shortage of Special Education teachers in the United States. And with over 7.5 million students with individualized..

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