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Recess: A Digital Playground

School's out, it's time for Recess! Welcome to our digital playground where you can explore insights, engage with the SPED community, and celebrate student success!

Supporting the SPED Teacher Shortage

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Latest Posts

5 Things to LOVE About RoboKind Virtual Avatars

This Valentines, we're sharing 5 things partners LOVE about Virtual Avatars, celebrating the excellent ways they engage learners!

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Game On for Calm: RoboKind's New Lessons

RoboKind's commitment to supporting students' emotional well-being has reached new heights with the recent release of our "Calm Down Anywhere" lessons. These lessons are an..

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RoboKind Spotlight: Saint John Elementary

Purposeful Partnerships Led by Dr. Sherry Tandeski, St. John Elementary has been a RoboKind partner since February of 2022. Geographically nestled between the Turtle Mountain..

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RoboKind Leads the Way to Navigating the Return to Classrooms

As the holiday break concludes and students prepare to return to their classrooms, the transition can be challenging. This is especially true for students in special education..

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Rooted in Research: Scarborough's Reading Rope

At RoboKind, we are committed to providing innovative and research-supported solutions for Special Education classrooms. Our Phonics program couples an innovative multisensory..

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RoboKind Launches New Social Skills Lessons!

RoboKind is thrilled to announce an expansion of our Social Skills curriculum with the introduction of 14 new lessons! This latest addition is aimed at supporting student success..

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