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Did You Know?
Our Assistive Technology Programs Qualify for IDEA Funding.

Facially-Expressive Robots & Avatars That

We built our robots to support, not replace, special educators and their autistic students. 

Evidence-based Technology

We built a technology-delivered curriculum which embeds evidence-based practices from applied behavior analysis, speech language pathology, and occupational therapy.

Video Modeling

In addition to social narratives and visual reinforcement using embedded flashcards, our program delivers hundreds of video models so that we show, not just tell.

Collaborative & Durable

Built for classrooms, educators use our robots deliver extensive evidence-based curriculum to teach social, emotional and behavioral skills. Each robot comes with a 3-year warranty.

The Inspiration Behind Our Robots & Avatars.

Each of our robots are inspired by the values and commitments of the individuals for whom they are named. As a company, we take our mission and values seriously, knowing that, at the end of the day, we are defined by the impact we make.

Milo, Assistive Robot for Students With Autism

Meet, Milo.

Practice, Repetition, and Progression Builds Mastery.

Inspired by Milo of Croton and the herculean-like strength he built by lifting the same bull everyday from childhood to early adulthood.

In many ways, positive repetition and consistent practice determines our ability to achieve mastery of physical, mental, or social skills. Like Milo, we are not naturally gifted. We achieve mastery, with patience and practice.

Introducing, Carver.

Become the impact you wish to make.

Inspired by George Washington Carver and his dedication to the pursuit of knowledge that would enable him to leave the world a far better place.

RoboKind's growth directly correlates to improved outcomes for students, the effectiveness educators, and the adoption of assistive technology within K12. Every action we take is motivated by the impact we can make.

Carver, Assistive Robot for Students With ASD
Veda, Assistive Technology for Students With Autism

Introducing, Veda.

Seek to understand the world and the experiences of those around us.

An homage to all of the autistic scientists and their work adjusting the approach to the study of autism in the scientific community.

We value the lived experiences of autistic individuals and those with developmental differences. When creating new content, technology, or services, we look to them for guidance.

Introducing, Jemi.

Everyone can achieve their greatest potential.

Inspired by Dr. Mae Jemison, the first woman of color in space, and all those people who continue to break down barriers (seen and unseen) that get in the way.

We value and actively promote diverse, equitable, and inclusive education. We build technology and curriculum not because it is innovative, but rather because it breaks down barriers and enables equity of access for students of all abilities.

Jemi, Assistive SEL Robots for Students With Autism

Ready To Improve Student Outcomes?

Now is the time to become the impact you wish to make. As educators at heart, our mission is to improve outcomes. Yet, we need your help. Schedule a time with us to see how you can support your students in achieving their greatest potential.

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