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Our Robots Improve Social, Emotional, and Educational Outcomes.

The most advanced social robots designed for PK-12th grade teaching and learning.

Research-driven, patented technology that is engineered for student engagement.
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Research-Driven, Patented Designs.

After multiple years of research and analysis, our founders became the first engineers to successful scale the manufacturing of humanoid robots. We hold several patents, including the mechanical facial expressivity and the first mass-manufacturable, durable, sanitary skin capable of high quality expression.

Our current robot is now reliably improving outcomes for student internationally. We are also proud to say that it is the first humanoid robot providing quantitative data to researchers and scientist at scale. 


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Engineered for Student Engagement.

Our robots have 21 servomotors (servos) that control position and speed of it's many movements, joints and facial-expressions. Each servos is powered by a proportional–integral–derivative controller  (PID controller). Machine learning algorithms, informed by a wide array of sensors (touch, audio, and visual), drive real-time in-session analytics and optimizations.

Simply put, RoboKind has created the industry's most sophisticated, educational robot on the market.


Collaborative and Assistive.

Collaborative robots (cobots) are made to share space and safely engage with humans in close proximity. In short, we believe they are the key to educational innovation because of their ability to adapt to environments, automate tasks, and improve collective collaboration in the classroom.

Easy to program and efficient set up, our robots assist educators across curriculums and specialities in improving outcomes for their students. 


Impact that Changes Lives.

While we are confident in our technology, we are most proud of the impact it creates. Schools across North America have seen tangible increases in key performance indicators, including mastery of skills, generalization of target behaviors, and significant increases in classroom collaboration.

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Technology is only as good as the content it delivers. That's why we invest heavily in creating evidence-based, standards-aligned curriculum.
Your students and patrons have specific, unique needs. Our tested and proven instructional models are designed help you reach your goals.
Whether you are an educator, leading a public/private initiative, or exploring partnership opportunities, we are here to help you make an impact.