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Language Essentials: Unlocking Reading Potential

Marleigh Gilyard Jun 7, 2024 8:15:00 AM

RoboKind shares a common goal with Science of Reading programs like LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling): Empowering educators with strategies to effectively teach in alignment with the Science of Reading.

Unlocking Reading Potential

Similar to Science of Reading programs like LETRS, RoboKind provides educators with specialized training across literacy learning outcomes. Scarborough's reading rope provides a visual representation of how learners must thread these two elements to build strong reading foundations. Learning disabilities, including dyslexia, can create a challenge for many learners at this critical point of development.

Science of Reading training programs like LETRS support student success in understanding how Word Recognition and Language Comprehension are the building blocks of reading. Mastering these skills is essential for developing fluent and capable readers.

With 63% of fourth grade students performing below reading level, many learners express that they don't enjoy learning to read.

Learning to read can be challenging and frustrating, especially in SPED classrooms. The biggest barrier to success is educators having the tools they need to keep learners engaged. Multisensory approaches to learning allow students to learn through play to become skilled readers.

Playful Learning with Multisensory Inputs

In our Playful Learning blog, we explore how phonics programs can level up visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic modalities with interactive technology (I-VAKT). This specialized tech leads to exceptional outcomes with avatars and robot characters that support phonics lessons.

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This multisensory approach helps students better understand and retain information by stimulating multiple areas of the brain. For example, students might trace letters while practicing the targeted sounds aloud- combining touch, sight, and hearing to solidify their understanding and support comprehension.

Direct, explicit, systematic instruction is essential to literacy success. Strategies and interventions must be rooted in breaking down complex concepts into smaller steps. A systematic approach supports learners with a solid foundation, and stacks building blocks from simple to more difficult tasks.

Creating an Engaging Classroom Experience

Interactive technology supports incorporates fun, gamified elements that motivate learners and keep them interested. We know that learners are able to light up the brain by learning with multi-sensory inputs. RoboKind's Virtual Avatars lead students through a series of interactive mini-games, transforming the educational process into a play-based adventure.


By integrating key concepts of word recognition and language comprehension with multisensory inputs and gamified learning, we provide a robust program that supports educators and empowers students to become proficient readers.

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Easily Transfer the Science of Reading into Practice. Designed for ease of use and high-fidelity implementations, RoboKind Phonics includes everything you need to deliver a meaningful early literacy curriculum that students love.  

*RoboKind is not associated with LETRS

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