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Unlocking the Power of Early Literacy with RoboKind Phonics

Richard Margolin Jun 28, 2023 8:15:00 AM

Early literacy helps set the foundation for a child's educational journey, influencing their ability to learn, communicate and understand the world around them. With RoboKind Phonics, we're bringing research-backed strategies into the hands of K-12 educators and administrators, offering a powerful tool to enhance early literacy skills.

RoboKind Phonics is rooted in extensive research, including the peer-reviewed book chapter "The Impact of Robot-Mediated Phonics Instruction on Early Literacy Skills". This research highlights the effectiveness of using robots for phonics instruction, showing significant improvements in students' literacy skills.

The positive impact of a robot led instruction on students’ phonological awareness plays a crucial component of early literacy. Students showed a 74% improvement in their phonological awareness skills.

Phonics 74% improvement

The research also revealed that students learning with robots are highly engaged. This increase in engagement can lead to more effective learning, as students are more likely to retain information when they are actively involved and interested in the learning process.

RoboKind Phonics offers a unique and effective approach to early literacy instruction. By integrating robot-mediated instruction to the classroom, we can help set the students path to success, fostering a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

Stay tuned as we continue to dive deeper into the research behind RoboKind Phonics!

Read the peer reviewed research at Intech

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