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Richard Margolin

Co-Founder of RoboKind

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Meet our Virtual Avatars!

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Latest Posts

Innovative Teaching Methods: The Heart of RoboKind Phonics

In the world of education, innovation is key. It's about finding new and effective ways to engage students, enhance learning, and make education a more enriching experience. At..

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Revolutionize Phonics Instruction with RoboKind

Phonics instruction is a cornerstone of early literacy education, equipping students with the skills they need to decode words and develop reading fluency. But what if we could..

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Unlocking the Power of Early Literacy with RoboKind Phonics

Early literacy helps set the foundation for a child's educational journey, influencing their ability to learn, communicate and understand the world around them. With RoboKind..

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RoboKind Phonics Study Validates Effectiveness

We are excited to share that our new phonics program, RoboKind Phonics, has been validated by a peer-reviewed study published in the International Journal of Educational Research..

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How RoboKind is transforming education for autistic students in South Ripley

RoboKind designs and manufactures advanced social robots and evidence-based curriculum programs to help educators across the world improve student outcomes. One of our products is..

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[VIDEO] 5 Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Career In The Robotics Industry

This blog post is an excerpt from Authority Magazine's series "The Future of Robotics Over The Next Few Years" . View the original article here.

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Autism Acceptance: Meet Jack Morrison, our Autistic Senior Software Engineer

The Morrison household can be a chaotic scene at any given time, but the family likes it that way.

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Autism Acceptance: Meet Dan Lance, our Autistic Content Developer

What does Autism Acceptance mean to you? At RoboKind, it means accomodating differences and celebrating neurodiversity.

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