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Meet our Virtual Avatars!

Richard Margolin Aug 22, 2023 11:30:00 AM
screenshot of RoboKind's virtual avatar Carver with text that says

Introducing RoboKind's Virtual Avatars

The same RoboKind characters your students know and love are now available via Virtual Avatars! RoboKind's Virtual Avatars are revolutionizing the way students engage with curriculum and reach their goals.

Developed with the intention to create equitable experiences for remote learners, RoboKind’s Virtual Avatars now offer accessibility to both our Social Skills & Phonics curriculums with any of our four diverse characters. With our latest software updates, Milo, Jemi, Carver, and Veda and can be accessed virtually from anywhere across the globe!



Swift Access to RoboKind Curriculum

RoboKind's Virtual programs provide students with a streamlined pathway to accessing our CASE-endorsed Social Skills and Phonics curriculums. Students can immerse themselves in across the different learning domains (cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral). The engaging and interactive nature of the Virtual Avatars facilitates an engaging learning experience featuring Evidence-Based Practices such as Visual Supports, Video Modeling and Social Narratives.


Encourage Student Choice and Personalize Learning

To ensure inclusive and relatable learning experiences, RoboKind features all four of our R25 robot characters within the Virtual Avatars lineup: Milo, Jemi, Carver, and Veda. Students have the freedom to select their preferred Avatar character. Educators select lessons targeting students' individual communication, social, or behavioral goals. By tailoring the learning experience, students can connect with the curriculum on an individualized level, leading to increased learning outcomes.

RoboKind's Virtual Avatars have transformed the accessibility of our Supes' Choice award-winning Social Skills curriculum and research-supported Phonics Curriculum, providing students with quick entry into engaging and interactive learning experiences.


Connect with us to learn more about bringing a Virtual RoboKind program to your classrooms!



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