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Back to School with Franklin Square UFSD

Shauna Hedgepeth Oct 2, 2023 11:09:51 AM
Franklin Square UFSD and Robokind First Day Delights - image of Milo and Carver robots high-fiving

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to start the first day of school with a robot classmate?

For third grade students at John Street School in Franklin Square UFSD, NY,  it was a dream come true. “It was really nice to see their smiling faces and them being so receptive to having him here,” said Alana Smith, special education teacher.

“I saw the students really engaged with Milo. They were excited to welcome something different into our classroom.”

Alana Smith, SPED Teacher

Students were able to meet and learn from Milo, the facially expressive robot that helps students with special needs develop social and emotional skills. RoboKind's mission is to engage and empower the hearts and minds of learners of all abilities, and that’s exactly what happened on the first day of school.

While Milo’s primarily serving the Intensive Support Program for third graders at John Street School, other classes will benefit from learning emotional and social skills through Milo and the RoboKind curriculum.

Franklin 4
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Students get to know Milo

Milo is a humanoid robot that can mimic facial expressions, emotions, and humanlike interactions. He can smile, frown, laugh, and even throw dance parties. He speaks in a natural and friendly voice that is easy for students to understand. Milo uses a tablet and a small screen on his chest to interact with students and teachers. He can show videos, images, text, and questions on the tablet screen to engage with students' responses and provide feedback.

“We tend to always look for those innovative tools that will help move the dial for our students.”

Jared Bloom, Superintendent

Milo's main goal is to help students with autism improve their social and emotional skills, such as recognizing emotions, understanding social cues, expressing feelings, initiating conversations and maintaining eye contact.

These skills are essential for building relationships, communicating effectively and succeeding in school and life.

“Social emotional development is so important and our students wanted to go to another level in terms of the ability to obtain and maintain really good, quality relationships.”

Dr. Pamela Taylor, Director of Pupil Personnel Services

About RoboKind

RoboKind uses robots and avatars like Milo to teach evidence-based curricula. RoboKind is endorsed by CASE (the Council of Administrators of Special Education), who reviewed 60+ research studies that validate the impact RoboKind has in exceptional classrooms. The Social Skills curriculum covers topics such as greetings, emotions, empathy, conversational skills, coping strategies and more.

To learn more about bringing Milo and his friends to your school, schedule a demo!


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