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Increase your minutes with this month's challenge!

Shauna Hedgepeth Oct 3, 2023 9:04:33 AM
Active Students and Active Minutes - image of student using companion app on Ipad with Milo

What is a RoboKind Champion?

RoboKind appreciates the role every adult plays in helping students be successful. Each month we highlight a few partners who have exceptional use cases in all different areas of engagement with RoboKind. Not only are these facilitators highlighted in our newsletter to showcase their usage, but they also receive some RoboKind swag to celebrate!

October’s RK Champion Challenge

This month, we will be highlighting partners with:

  1. 80% or more active students (vs. enrolled) in their classrooms in RK Central and
  2. Classrooms with the most total minutes during the month of October. 

The best part: you can track your stats using RK Central data!


Active Students

For example, the teacher shown has 14 total enrolled students in their classroom, with 12 active students. This puts their classroom at an active percentage above 85%.

Sometimes, however, we notice that students are enrolled in our classroom that have moved on to other grades or teachers. You can remove students from your classroom in RK Central to ensure your roster is up to date. Reach out to your Partnership Success Manager if you need assistance!


Student Minutes

In RK Central, you can use the “Generate Report” feature to export a detailed account of every student’s usage in the time period of your choice. Your report will contain a lot of data, including the minutes and date.


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