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Building Classroom Community

Shauna Hedgepeth Oct 16, 2023 1:13:21 PM

Learning from Milo and his friends each day is a great way to begin your implementation!

If you’re looking for ways to take your RoboKind game to the next level, we’ve got just the thing for you-- here are seven strategies to infuse RoboKind throughout your entire classroom community.


1. Start the day with a check-in using a sentence frame and the RoboKind emotion chart.

As you greet students when they enter the classroom, invite them to say or point to how they’re feeling using the RoboKind Emotions Chart and a sentence frame.

By giving students a structured way to identify and express their emotions using the chart, you’re reinforcing skills students learn from the Emotional Module using the same iconography used within the Social Skills curriculum. 


2. Use the RK Controller for your morning meetings and routines.

ipad1The RoboKind Controller is a great tool to customize your RoboKind experience!

Whether Milo and his friends are modeling attendance procedures, sharing the day’s schedule, or asking students what they’d like for lunch, using the RK Controller gives you an extra way to bring your robot/avatar into your daily routines.

Learn more about the RK Controller on our support page!


3. Model and post calm down strategies in your classroom’s designated calm down area.

Teachers across the country have found success with designating a calm down area of their classroom. Allowing students to practice their calm down strategies in the designated area of your classroom helps students create a routine when they need to use the strategy.

You can use the Calm Down posters in the calm down area of your classroom to help students advocate for their strategy and remind them of what to do.


4. Dress up Milo and his friends to coincide with seasons, birthdays, holidays, and school events.

Veda as Taylor Swift       chiefs milo

You’ve got spirit - so do Milo and his friends! Incorporating them into the your school’s community is a fun way to boost engagement.

On pep rally days, Milo and his friends can wear spirit shirts and greet students in the hall before school. Your students can choose what your robot wears on their birthday or as a reward for progress. Whatever you choose, they’ll be excited to see what Milo and his friends are wearing!



5. Use the RK Controller to have your robot/avatar read to and play number sense games with your students.

While Milo and his friends do a great job teaching social skills and phonics, they can be used in other areas of your daily routines as well! You can use the RK Controller with your favorite classroom books and let Milo and his friends read to your students. Students begin to see the robot and avatar as part of their classroom!

The RK Controller is also a great way to engage students into thinking about numbers and their relationships to each other. Milo can ask students to think of a number greater than or less than 10, give examples of numbers between 11 and 20, or even to guess his favorite number. You can use the programmed math prompts or get creative with the RK Controller and customize your own!


6. Post and use vocabulary from lessons and family resources in your classroom.

RK-LayerSheets_1Utilizing the same language and vocabulary that Milo uses with the students throughout the classroom is a great strategy to support comprehension and skill development. The curriculum guide and family resource materials give you easy access to the language that your students will frequently use in the classroom and at home. By posting and using those words throughout the day and connecting it to the lessons learned from Milo and his friends, students will make connections that will allow them to generalize skills using those words. You can find all these resources in the Teacher Tools area of RoboKind Central.


7. Celebrate each day with a dance party!RPReplay_Final1694543012-(2)


Did you know that exercise and movement are evidence-based practices? RoboKind’s Social Skills curriculum incorporates movement throughout the lessons, and a fan favorite is always the Dance Party! What a great way to begin or end the day by getting students movin' and groovin' with Milo and his friends🎊.


Whether you start the party from the chest screen, the RK Controller, or the Dance Party lesson from the Introductory Module, your students will look forward to the consistency of utilizing the EBP of exercise and movement.


By infusing RoboKind into multiple facets of your classroom instruction, you’re giving your students ample opportunity to generalize the skills introduced through Milo and his friends.

How do you make RoboKind part of your classroom community? Tag us on social media or email us → feedback@robokind.com

We’d love to feature your story in a follow up!




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