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Recess: A Digital, SEL Playground: Autism (ASD)

RoboKind on Closing The Gap Front Page Report

Closing The Gap Front Page Report: Facially-Expressive, Assistive Robots

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Autism Acceptance: Meet Dan Lance, our Autistic Content Developer

What does Autism Acceptance mean to you? At RoboKind, it means accomodating differences and celebrating neurodiversity.

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St. John School is First in North Dakota to Adopt Humanoid Robot to Teach Social Skills

April 4, 2022 - RoboKind, an edtech company creating socially-assistive robotics programs designed to improve outcomes for autistic students, announces a new partnership with St...

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What is camouflaging?

Camouflaging, also commonly known as masking, is a concept that many people outside of the autism community are often unaware of, even if they regularly interact with those who..

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Gallup-McKinley to Deploy 75 RoboKind Robots Across 33 Schools.

Together with RoboKind, Gallup-McKinley County Schools will deploy 75 robots across 33 schools. 

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7 Ways To Welcome Neurodiverse Candidates

We all know businesses with talented people are more likely to succeed than companies with below-average talent, and employers are starting to see the notable benefits of having a..

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Why We Choose Identity-First Language

Today, Daniel Lance, an autistic team member and Content Developer at RoboKind, discusses his perspective on the debate between person-first and identity-first language, and..

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Endrew F. v. Douglas County School Dist. RE–1: Why It Matters

Endrew, a child with autism, became the center of a landmark Supreme Court case that rejected the "merely more than de minimis" standard applied by his school and set a higher..

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Robots For Autism Teach Human Emotion

When Jamie Ptacek first locked eyes with her student Isaiah, she was floored.

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