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Recess: A Digital, SEL Playground: Autism Education

RoboKind on Closing The Gap Front Page Report

Closing The Gap Front Page Report: Facially-Expressive, Assistive Robots

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Robot named 'Milo' helps special needs students in Pendleton South Carolina learn

This story was originally published by WYFF. View the full story here. PENDLETON, S.C. — Some autistic students in Anderson County are getting extra help in the classroom thanks..

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Humanoid Robot helps Autistic Students in St. John

This radio story was originally published by Prairie Public Broadcasting. View the full story here. 

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Autism Acceptance: Meet Dan Lance, our Autistic Content Developer

What does Autism Acceptance mean to you? At RoboKind, it means accomodating differences and celebrating neurodiversity.

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Meet Milo, the teaching robot at St. John School

This originial article was published by the Turtle Mountain Star on April 11, 2022 by Jason Nordmark.

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Autism Acceptance RoboKind Coloring Showcase

Autism acceptance is not just a buzzword — it is action. 

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Can a Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum Make the Difference?

We are approaching two years into the pandemic, and students have suffered the loss of a substantial amount of social and educational time. How has this affected autistic..

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The problem with autism functioning labels - and how to fix it.

It is often one of the first questions that might be asked upon hearing that someone is autistic: “Are they high-functioning or low-functioning?” 

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What is camouflaging?

Camouflaging, also commonly known as masking, is a concept that many people outside of the autism community are often unaware of, even if they regularly interact with those who..

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