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Recess: A Digital Playground: Autism Education (2)

Can a Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum Make the Difference?

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The problem with autism functioning labels - and how to fix it.

It is often one of the first questions that might be asked upon hearing that someone is autistic: “Are they high-functioning or low-functioning?”

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What is camouflaging?

Camouflaging, also commonly known as masking, is a concept that many people outside of the autism community are often unaware of, even if they regularly interact with those who..

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Educators, let’s focus more on the learning process | RoboKind Recess

It’s surprising how fast children begin learning. From their first words, their first steps, or their first day of preschool, they’re full of curiosity, and that’s only satisfied..

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Robots For Autism Teach Human Emotion

When Jamie Ptacek first locked eyes with her student Isaiah, she was floored.

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