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Autism Acceptance RoboKind Coloring Showcase

Julia Brolin Apr 1, 2022 10:58:58 AM

Autism acceptance is not just a buzzword — it is action. 

We are all part of the autistic community. As advocates and members, we make it our mission to practice and encourage acceptance every day. Together, we can work to make our society more accepting and inclusive for autistic individuals

In April, to celebrate neurodiversity and Autism Acceptance Month, RoboKind is hosting a coloring showcase to highlight autistic scholars and partners who illustrate all colors of the spectrum every day.

We've made it super easy to participate so your scholars art is recognized! 

Here's how to join in on the fun: 

1) Right-click to download, save, and print the robot coloring sheets below.

2) Distribute to your students and let their creativity flow.

3) Snap a picture of the masterpiece. 

4) Share on social media with the hashtag #RoboKind

5) Email your photo to milo@robokind.com.


Follow RoboKind on social media and watch for your student's masterpieces to be showcased on our channels. 


Milo/ Carver


Veda/ Jemi

vedaJemi_autismAcceptanceMonth-page-001Why Autistic Kids Love Technology, Especially Robots

The behaviors of robots are generally more predictable than that of humans, it's easier for autistic students to interact with them – and ultimately learn from them

Our partner schools adopt Milo, Jemi, Veda, and Carver into their families and school communities. The students know the robot as their most patient and interesting friend.

Together, let's empower our autistic friends and family members to live full and happy lives free of judgment and limitations. At RoboKind, it's our priority.





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