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RoboKind Reflection: Richland School District One

Shauna Hedgepeth Dec 4, 2023 4:26:45 PM

Long Term Partners

Richland County School District One has been a pioneer in South Carolina since their initial RoboKind pilot in 2017 at A.C. Moore Elementary. In that initial study, 90% of the 606 students were able to meet their IEP goals in the first year through their implementation of the RoboKind curriculum and their robot, Carver.

ABC 25 Columbia
Learn more from the ABC 25 Columbia Special Report by Rochelle Dean


The Key to Success: Early Intervention

Because of the success of the implementation, Richland County School District One now has a RoboKind robot at each of their 29 schools. The district’s Director of Special Services, LeJamea Dixon, credits the district’s intervention plan as the key to its success. 

“We believe in early intervention. It’s never too early to introduce a student to how to self-regulate and communicate.”

- LeJamea Dixon

Gaining Independence

With the interactive social narratives embedded in the lessons, students can learn about different social interactions, calm down tools, and being able to advocate for the emotions they’re experiencing. Mason, a student at A.C. Moore, has not only learned how to recognize his own emotions by using RoboKind, but also to recognize the emotions that others are feeling. When Mason realized his teacher, Miss Chemise Wallace, was having an issue with some technology in her classroom, he told her what he learned from his friend Carver the robot: “It’s okay. Take a deep breath.”

Dixon states, “These become life-long lessons that not only support students in the school environment, but also in opportunities such as post-secondary educational environments, jobs and community work experiences.”

WIS 10 Columbia

Watch more about Miss Wallace’s RoboKind implementation in the WIS News Primetime Report by Kristina Thacker


Solution for Students Who Need Support

Janelle Mickens, special education teacher at Satchel Ford Elementary School and October RoboKind Champion, has noted that students who showed academic and behavioral needs during the COVID-19 pandemic have been especially impacted by their robot, Veda. 

“Students who did not have the opportunity to socialize and interact with others during the pandemic can learn how to communicate and engage in various settings with appropriate behaviors.”

-Janelle Mickens

Janelle Mickens




Watch more about Ms. Micken’s classroom or read the entire article from Richland School District One









Continued and Dedicated Partnerships

We are grateful for incredible partnerships like Richland School District One and their continued dedication to providing meaningful learning opportunities for students using RoboKind’s curriculum, virtual avatars, and robots.

pic 3

Mr. Mark Davis, Behavior Support - Horrell Hill Elementary


To learn more about bringing RoboKind to your school or district, schedule a demo!


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