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RoboKind Launches New Social Skills Lessons!

Marleigh Gilyard Dec 5, 2023 1:16:53 PM

RoboKind is thrilled to announce an expansion of our Social Skills curriculum with the introduction of 14 new lessons! This latest addition is aimed at supporting student success with "Calm Down Anywhere" strategies, empowering them to self-regulate even in the most stressful situations.

Enhancements to Our Evidence-Based Curriculum

Rooted in evidence-based practices, our curriculum is designed to support learners with developing critical social, behavioral, and communication skills. For students in Special Education, preparing for safety situations often requires direct instruction across multiple attempts at the targeted skill. Our new Robot/Avatar-led lessons are designed around understanding of the importance of providing students with tools to navigate challenging scenarios, such as Safety Situations.

These new lessons are broken into two modules in our "Calm Down" and "Situational" components of the Social Skills Curriculum. 

Calm Down Module 2: Calm Down Anywhere Tools

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This new module introduces 5 new "Calm Down Anywhere" tools:

  1. Balloon Breathing
  2. Triangle Breathing
  3. Box Breathing
  4. Hand Breathing
  5. 3-4-5 Breathing

These lessons teach practical techniques that students can utilize wherever they are. Whether it's their classroom, home, out in the community, these strategies empower students to manage stress and regulate their emotions effectively. 

These lessons are broken into three segments, teaching the tools through Social Narratives and Video Modeling. Students are assessed through Mini-Games that record student progress automatically, and collect data available to educators through student reports on RoboKind Central.


Situational Module 6: Safety Drills

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When surveying educators, it became apparent that there was a need for supporting students in Special Education classrooms for what can be an incredibly disruptive and challenging occurrence throughout the school year: Safety Drills. These highly-anticipated new lessons are designed to prepare students for a variety of Safety Drills that may occur during the school day. 

This new module introduces students to 4 Safety Drills:

  1. Introduction to Fire Drills

  2. Introduction to Lockdown Drills

  3. Introduction to Severe Weather Drills

  4. Introduction to Relocation Drills

These lessons are broken into 4 segments. First the Robot/Avatar guides learners through Social Narratives and Video Modeling. Students learn-through-play with Mini Games that have them arrange the steps of what to do in chronological order. Students are assessed throughout a series of questions. The new lessons are designed to automatically re-teach if students have incorrect responses, and the collected data is available to educators through student reports on RoboKind Central.


How to Access the New Lessons

To take advantage of these exciting additions, you'll need to update your RoboKind Robot and Devices. The update will ensure that you have seamless access to the new lessons and interactive new features, allowing educators to continue fostering social skills development in a fun and engaging way.

We're committed to providing the best resources for educators and learners alike, and these new lessons represent our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation.

Thank you for being a part of the RoboKind community. We can't wait to hear about the positive impact these new lessons will have on your students' social skills development!

Learn more about how to bring the RoboKind Social Skills curriculum to your school by scheduling a demo!



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