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  • It's amazing. What our kids are learning with Milo and to see them transfer those skills to students or adults. I mean it's incredible.
    Dr. Annie Spike
    Deputy Superintendent of Marshall County Schools
  • Milo doesn't replace our therapists. He's definitely a tool that they use, but Milo kind of helps to bridge that gap from the humanoid robot to the therapist.
    Dr. Shayla Guidry Hilaire
    Executive Director for Orleans Parish Public Schools
  • Today, our 10 robots have been able to work with 55 students across 10 elementary schools, serving as a highly effective therapeutic solution and intervention.
    Jessica McCracken
    Special Education Case Manager at Philadelphia ISD
  • The robots themselves are kind of rewarding, engaging, and intriguing. And, in just under a year of implementation, we’re seeing very successful results.
    Greg Boerio
    Executive Director at the Rich Center for Autism at YSU
  • I have a student with severe behaviors, and just this past week he started telling us more things he would never express. Before he would bolt out (of) the room, yell, scream, hit us, and now he can express things that make a world of a difference.
    Sheri Sumpter
    Teacher at Montour Elementary School