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Advanced social robots for educators.

Assistive Technology &
Autism Programs that
Improve Outcomes.

Did you know? robots4autism® qualifies for
Federal, State, and Local Funding, CARES act included.

We work with educators and paraprofessionals to help students achieve IEP goals.
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Introducing, Avatar: a remote learning, evidence-based SEL program.

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Facially-Expressive Robots

Powered by proprietary technology, our robots were built to model most human facial expressions. They can also walk and talk!
We make powerful curriculum for your students.

Impactful Curriculum

Robots are engaging, but without evidenced-based curriculum are just toys. That's why we invest heavily in crafting impactful content for our students.
We have created learning models to fit the needs of your school.

Robust Learning Models

For us, impact can be big or small. So, we created a wide range of implementations for single schools, districts, and state initiatives.

Meet Our Robots

Meet Milo, our robot model that focuses on assistive therapy and autism curriculum.

Hello, I'm Milo.

It’s nice to meet you! As RoboKind's leader in our work to support social and emotional learning for people with Autism Spectrum differences, I work with educators and therapists around the world to improve outcomes. I excel in individual and small group environments that help learners show observable increases in engagement: eye contact, body language and social interactions. In my free time, I like to travel to conferences, meet with lawmakers on Capitol Hill, and host dance parties.

Meet Jett, our robot model focused on STEM curriculum and programs.

Hi, my name is Carver.

I love helping students learn to code! As the leader of RoboKind’s science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) initiatives and the world's first dark skin humanoid robot, I work with educators and developers around the world to help meet computer science learning standards that prepare the next generation of scientists. In my free time, I like to present at museums, go to Youth Code Jams, attend career days, and, when I grow up, travel to Mars!


Hello, I'm Veda.

Hi there! As the first robot teaching assistant, I help teachers learn to code with a purpose, leading RoboKind's efforts in empowering teachers and learners to code across the curriculum. I love greeting students at the door, introducing lessons, explaining new concepts, and leading small group and peer-to-peer learning. Did you know I am the first facially-expressive, female humanoid robot in the world? In my free time, I love joining after school Girl Scouts and Girls Who Code groups, helping researchers, and creating short films.


Teach. Engage. Impact.

As an educator, you understand that amazing feeling when a student succeeds. We feel it everyday when an Autistic student generalizes a skill or when a STEM student writes their first program.

With the help of educators like you, we believe that inclusive technology can empower students of all capabilities to succeed.

Assisting You

Our Thoughts & Research

Every week, we share some news, research, or an update. It's one of the ways we help educators improve student outcomes.

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