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Exceptional Outcomes Worth Celebrating

Exceptional Outcomes Worth Celebrating

Our programs help K-12 districts accelerate outcomes in special education classrooms.


A leader in special education programs

What is RoboKind?

We are an education technology company that combines assistive technology with meaningful curriculum that accelerates measurable outcomes for marginalized students.


Masterful Engagement

Our interactive robots & avatars support teachers in keeping students engaged and on task.

Measurable Outcomes

Monitor district-wide impact, class-by-class, to ensure your investment is yielding the expected outcomes.


Meaningful Curriculum

With our CASE-endorsed curriculum, students learn foundational life skills and early literacy fundamentals.

For Marginalized Students

Supporting exceptional students is more than a requirement, it's a mission we proudly stand by.

Interactive Robots & Virtual Avatars

Years of research and impact make our facially-expressive robots & avatars the most engaging teaching assistants available in special education classrooms.

CASE-endorsed Curriculum

Proudly endorsed by the Council of Administrators of Special Education, our Social Skill & Phonics curricula are research-proven to accelerate exceptional outcomes.

Actionable Data & Reporting

Rely on our reporting platform to discover actionable insights that improve your implementation and demonstrate program effectiveness.


Outcomes you can measure

Our partners share stories of student success.

Every day, educators using RoboKind's programs are remembering the spark and passion that called them to exceptional classrooms. We stand by the teachers and leaders accelerating outcomes for their exceptional students.

Hear From Educators — Watch Now

Students Mastering Skills
Minutes With Milo
Lessons With Mastery
  • It's amazing. What our kids are learning with Milo and to see them transfer those skills to students or adults. I mean it's incredible.
    Dr. Annie Spike
    Deputy Superintendent of Marshall County Schools
  • Milo doesn't replace our therapists. He's definitely a tool that they use, but Milo kind of helps to bridge that gap from the humanoid robot to the therapist.
    Dr. Shayla Guidry Hilaire
    Executive Director for Orleans Parish Public Schools
  • Today, our 10 robots have been able to work with 55 students across 10 elementary schools, serving as a highly effective therapeutic solution and intervention.
    Jessica McCracken
    Special Education Case Manager at Philadelphia ISD
  • The robots themselves are kind of rewarding, engaging, and intriguing. And, in just under a year of implementation, we’re seeing very successful results.
    Greg Boerio
    Executive Director at the Rich Center for Autism at YSU
  • I have a student with severe behaviors, and just this past week he started telling us more things he would never express. Before he would bolt out (of) the room, yell, scream, hit us, and now he can express things that make a world of a difference.
    Sheri Sumpter
    Teacher at Montour Elementary School
Impact beyond the classroom

Those stories extend beyond the classroom. Parents, like Amanda, see how their kids master and generalize the skills they learn.

Watch Now.


Reviewed & Validated

Our curriculum is proudly endorsed by CASE.

A division of the Council of Exceptional Children (CEC), the Council of Administrators of Special Education is the voice of special education leadership, globally. They spent 2 years validating our program and reviewing 60+ research studies validating the impact RoboKind has in exceptional classrooms.


Students master basic, foundational social skills

Social Skills

With our social skills program, students first learn calm-down techniques before moving into more complicated skills like emotional understanding and conversational dynamics.


Easily transfer the Science of Reading into practice.


Designed for ease of use and high-fidelity implementations, RoboKind Phonics includes everything you need to deliver a meaningful early literacy curriculum that students love.


Our Robots & Virtual Avatars

Say "Hi!" to a teaching assistant that engages students 87.5% of the time.

Our robots and virtual avatars are research-proven to engage students and keep them focused on learning new skills. Further, with increased engagement comes drastically improved time on task and observable generalization from robot or virtual avatar to teachers and friends.

Hi, my name is Milo.
Named after Milo of Croton, I represent the strength that comes with practice.
And, I'm Carver.
Named after George Washington Carver, I represent the impact one aspires to make.
You can call me Veda!
I am an homage to all of the neurodiverse scientists rethinking our scientific approach to Autism.
And, I go by Jemi.
Owing my name to Dr. Mae Jemison and her demonstration that the possibilities for growth are limitless.


Your Impact Hub

Easily track student skill achievement and program ROI with RoboKind Central.

Demonstrating program impact is challenging for many special education classrooms. RoboKind Central makes it seamless and automatic, giving you the data to understand and celebrate program efficacy.

See RoboKind Central In Action

  • Student Report

    Track individual student results with our mastery charts. Each report shows data that helps you monitor progress over time. Importantly, our student report guides our partners during IEP meetings and parent-teacher conferences as they build S.M.A.R.T. goals and progress maps.

  • District-wide Impact

    District-wide performance is critical to ensuring you are meeting IDEA mandates. But, classroom transparency and data are the foundation for making a real difference. Supporting those that need help, offering professional learning, and celebrating rock-star educators are core pillars of our programming.

  • Manage Your Implementation

    RoboKind Central is your impact hub. We designed the portal with you in mind. Easily access all of your teacher tools, manage your implementation, request support, and dive into all of your impact data.

  • Educator Tools

    Get all of the tools your need to implement the program with high fidelity and meaningful impact. Everything from the "Getting Started Guide" to Lesson Plans are easily accessible.


Funding Made Easy

We support districts through the entire funding process.

Our programs qualify for most federal, state, and local grant and title funds including IDEA, Title I, II, IV, & V, and 1003(A).
We offer funding support in order to ensure districts are getting their allotted funds for innovative solutions like RoboKind.
Below are just a few of the districts we have helped with funding!
Goose Creek Independent School District - RoboKind Customer
School District of Pickens County - RoboKind Customer
LaPorte Community School Corporation - RoboKind Customer
Indiana Department of Education - RoboKind Customer
Knox County Public Schools - RoboKind Customer
Algoma District School Board - RoboKind Customer
Cornerstone Treatment Facilities - RoboKind Customer
Marion County Independent School District - RoboKind Customer
Aldine Independent School District - RoboKind Customer
Montour Independent School District - RoboKind Customer
Lord Selkirk School Division - RoboKind Customer
Chickasaw City Schools - RoboKind Customer
Community Unit School District 300 - RoboKind Customer
Beaufort County School District - RoboKind Customer
Santa Rosa County District Schools - RoboKind Customer
Deer Park Independent School District - RoboKind Customer
Marshall County Schools - RoboKind Customer
US Virgin Islands Department of Education - RoboKind Customer
Yancy County Schools - RoboKind Customer
Radnor Township School District - RoboKind Customer


A Dedicated Partnership

Access the resources for accelerating exceptional outcomes.

When you work with RoboKind, you are getting a team of dedicated former educators and special education experts that care about outcomes for your special needs students. Plus, you get access to all of the benefits of being a RoboKind partner!

Whether it's professional learning, ongoing support calls, simple documents, or even a dance party, we've got you covered.
onboarding milo head graphic
Our Educator Approved Process
Work with the Partnership Team to deploy RoboKind programs rapidly and effectively. Our process is flexible and allows us to meet special educators where they are, today.
Teachers Love Teachers' Tools
We have a variety of resources embedded within our programs that help ensure fidelity of implementation, improve special educator impact in the classroom, and just make everyone feel like dancing!


Schedule a call with our team to learn more.