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5 Things to LOVE About RoboKind Virtual Avatars

Marleigh Gilyard Feb 6, 2024 10:00:00 AM

This Valentines, we're sharing 5 things partners LOVE about Virtual Avatars, celebrating the excellent ways they engage learners!


1: Access to All Characters

We know your students love Milo, but have they gotten to meet Veda, Carver, or Jemi yet?


Using Virtual Avatars provides teachers the opportunity to personalize learning and encourage student choice. Before beginning a lesson, ask your student which character they’d like to run lessons with today!

Learn more about how the robots and avatars are inspired by the values and commitments of the individuals for whom they are named.

2: Great for Whole Class Instruction

Virtual Avatars are a great way to deliver instruction to your entire classroom! Use the Web Companion to connect your Avatar to your Interactive Board. 

Learn more about how Pike Roads is using their Interactive Board to promote student safety with new "Safety Drill" Situational lessons!


3: Take Them Anywhere

Although Robots can be utilized in a variety of settings, Virtual Avatars help create endless opportunities to unlock student success.

Lessons can be ran at students desks, in small groups, in sensory rooms, during circle time- whatever works best for your learner! All you need is two devices, and you're ready to go.

Montour elementary school 01-09-2024-100

Did you know RoboKind's Virtual Avatars were first created in 2020 to create access for remote learning? Students can access RoboKind's curriculum through the Web Companion from home, and Teachers can pair their devices to deliver lessons remotely. This is a great option for delivering evidence-based curriculum to remote learners, or students that have to be away from the classroom for an extended period of time.


4: Gameify Your Students Learning Experience

We know that we can light up the brain when students have the opportunity to learn-through-play! Virtual Avatars create an engaging learning experience that makes learning critical social, behavioral, literacy and communication skills fun. 

Learn more about how RoboKind's new lessons are engaging students!



5: RoboKind Controller Compatible 

RK Controller works with Virtual Avatars too! Use the RK Controller to program your robot's speech, movements, and chest screen, as a tool to personalize student learning and enhance generalization opportunities. 

Learn how to access your RoboKind Controller!


Have another reason to love the Virtual Avatars? We'd love to hear about it!

Send us an email at feedback@robokind.com!

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