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Implementation Insights with Pike Road Schools

Shauna Hedgepeth Jan 24, 2024 10:09:14 AM


Meaningful Middle of Year (MoY) Meetings

Our Partnership Succes Team thrives on relationships and feedback from our partners. January and February provide a great time to get insights and success stories from our partners during our MOY meetings. Not only do we review implementation, data, and goals, but we also get feedback from partners on recent updates and lesson releases.

Our most recent update included our new Calm Down Anywhere tools and our Safety Drill lessons in the Situational Module. These lessons were purposefully crafted after much input from partners over the last year providing timely strategies in both of those areas. While consistently asking for feedback on those new lessons, partners have shared meaningful implementation success stories that RoboKind can share with other partners around the world.

One great example of this was a brilliant strategy used by Pike Road Schools Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), Kellianne Anderson.


Setting Students Up for Success with Safety Drills

Safety drills are a necessary part of building routines with students. To ensure that her students are successful, Kellianne coordinates her school safety drills with the corresponding RoboKind safety drill lessons. For example, if the school will be conducting a fire drill on a Friday, Kellianne makes time to teach and practice each step of the fire safety drill lesson. By promoting repetition in the routine of the drill, Kellianne is ensuring that her students will not only be successful in the school drill but will also know exactly what to do in case there is an actual emergency.

Fire drill


Tech Tip: Using Your Interactive Board as a Student Device

For lessons that apply to all students (like our safety drills), you might consider using your interactive board (with internet access) as a student device. Go to the Web Companion on your board’s browser and select “Student”.

IMG_5885Then add your board as a student device:


After choosing your avatar (Milo, Jemi, Carver, or Veda) and selecting the students for your group, you can now teach your entire class a group lesson from your interactive whiteboard!

  • Group Lesson
  • Carver Board

Although the lesson won’t count towards your individual students' mastery, you’ll be able to capture the lesson and minutes in RoboKind Central through the “Generate Report” feature.


Do you have an idea that you’d like to share with other RoboKind users? Share your idea with us at feedback@robokind.com!



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