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Game On for Calm: RoboKind's New Lessons

Marleigh Gilyard Jan 16, 2024 4:39:19 PM

RoboKind's commitment to supporting students' emotional well-being has reached new heights with the recent release of our "Calm Down Anywhere" lessons. These lessons are an engaging enhancement to our Supe's Choice Award-winning Social Skills Curriculum, designed to empower students with tools to self-regulate in stressful situations.

Building on Success: The Calm Down Module

Our Calm Down Module has been recognized for its effectiveness in helping students identify their emotions and learn calm-down techniques. The lessons provide a proactive approach to preparing students for implementing these techniques, so that they have the tools in their toolbox when their emotions reach a heightened point. Now, with the addition of "Calm Down Anywhere" lessons- we're taking this success even further🚀🤖

Evidence-Based Practices

Built on the foundation of the Gradual Release model, these new lessons seamlessly integrate 22 of the 28 evidence-based practices for supporting Autistic students creating an equitable and inclusive learning experience that is differentiated for diverse learners. At RoboKind, we value students as whole learners across the various learning domains (Cognitive, Affective, Psychomotor, and Behavioral).

Engaging Gamified Experience

The new "Calm Down Anywhere" lessons feature an updated "gamified" facilitator and student screen, making the learning experience not just effective but also enjoyable. We know that students are able to light up the brain by learning with multi-sensory inputs and RoboKind's Virtual Avatars lead students through a series of interactive mini-games, transforming the educational process into a play-based adventure.

Progress Monitoring for Mastery

As educators need to be able to easily access classroom and student reports, our new lessons come with built-in progress monitoring features. Teachers can keep track of student mastery on RoboKind Central, and adjust IEP goals to allow for targeted support and intervention.


Taking the Calm Down Module to New Heights

Our "Calm Down Anywhere" lessons provide additional behavioral, communication, and social supports for students in Special Education Classrooms. The integration of innovative pedagogy and gamified-learning enhancements ensure that the curriculum is accessible and engaging.

Explore the new "Calm Down Anywhere" lessons by updating your RoboKind devices! Effective, efficient, and engaging lessons can spark a positive impact across your classroom, supporting your students with developing critical social skills.


Click "Calm Down Posters" below to download free resources for your classroom!

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