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Playful Learning: RoboKind's I-VAKT Strategies Light Up the Brain

Marleigh Gilyard Apr 18, 2024 3:45:00 PM

To support student success, approaches to learning should be effective, engaging, and equitable. That's why we're reimagining learning-through-play with RoboKind's I-VAKT strategies—a combination of multisensory inputs that light up the brain and encourage personalized learning experiences.

What is I-VAKT?

I-VAKT stands for Interactive Technology, Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Tactile. These multisensory inputs create opportunities that allow students to engage with curriculum in a way that best suits their individual learning styles. By incorporating these diversified strategies, we're ensuring that every student has the opportunity to learn and succeed.

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The Power of Multisensory Learning

Multisensory Learning is food for the brain. This method of learning engages multiple areas of the brain simultaneously, leading to a deeper understanding and retention of knowledge. Simply put- if students aren't engaged, they aren't learning. Curriculum should recognize the importance of multisensory strategies to support students' foundational skill development.

RoboKind Phonics offers an example of how leveraging I-VAKT Strategies can lead to enhanced learning outcomes. The program incorporates 13 different I-VAKT strategies, including interactive technology (such as Virtual Avatars!) visual aids, auditory cues, kinesthetic activities, and tactile experiences.

This comprehensive approach allows students to participate in a fun and engaging learning experience that supports their unique needs and preferences. A few examples include learning with sound buttons, whisper phones, invisible writing pens, bounce-it games, Play-Doh, and bendable wikki-stix.

The video below highlights some of the I-VAKT tools that are embedded into RoboKind Phonics learning centers:


Empowering Student Choice

One of the key benefits of I-VAKT Strategies is that they empower student choice, and allow for personalized learning. By allowing students to choose how they engage with the curriculum, teachers can help students foster a sense of ownership and autonomy of their learning. 

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Aligned with the Science of Reading, and incorporating norm-referenced criteria to ensure efficacy and alignment with best practices, RoboKind Phonics follows a structured literacy design. Our evidence-based approach emphasizes the direct and explicit teaching of phonics skills to provide students with the foundational knowledge that they need to become proficient readers.

Learn more about how RoboKind Phonics aligns to the Science of Reading!


Evaluating a Phonics Program? Download our Science of Reading alignment guide and ensure your program will set your students up for success!  

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