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Implementation Insights: RoboKind Stations and Setup

Shauna Hedgepeth Apr 24, 2024 9:00:00 AM

RoboKind Reflection

While many of you are quickly approaching the end of the school year, we know that you have some incredible implementation insights from which our RoboKind community could benefit. One question we often get during our Professional Learning Sessions is how to set up RoboKind stations in classrooms for social skills and/or phonics lessons.

We typically encourage teachers to consider one of the following three models for implementation:

 Model A


Model B

Model C


Showcasing RK Stations

Given these suggestions, we love seeing how teachers choose to set up stations in their own classrooms! Here are a few recently shared with us from teachers across the country.


Hannah - all options
Hannah Carr
Paraprofessional- SPED Support
Marshall County Schools, AL

In Hannah's district, Milo travels to different schools within the district. When Milo is in Hannah’s school, he might work with students in her classroom at the table on the left or in the “Milo Room” for 1-on-1 lessons with students pulled from class.

For group lessons and days that Milo is away, Hanna uses the table in the middle picture with her interactive board as a student device using the avatar.

Traci LeTourneau
Traci LeTourneau
Special Education Teacher
Shoals Community Schools, IN

Traci knows the importance of making the most use of the space given in the classroom. From this same space, Traci teaches her students Phonics in the morning and Social Skills in the afternoon. With everything in the same designated space, Milo doesn’t have to move!


Casey Hutton

Special Education Teacher- Intense Intervention

South Ripley Community School, IN

Although she's planning for a larger space in the fall, Casey shares that this small space has worked well for her Social Skills and Phonics lessons this year! In order to utilize all the I-VAKT multisensory activities from the Phonics Learning Kit, she’s looking to bring in a larger table. 

Sheri Sumpter montour
Sheri Hurt
Special Education Teacher
Montour Schools, PA

When it comes to the RoboKind virtual avatars, Sheri and her team at Montour Elementary School find ways creative ways to meet students wherever they are.

For additional tips on setting up your RK Program in your classroom- check out this video!

Whatever your classroom situation, we can help you find ways to make RoboKind work for you! Reach out to your Partnership Success Manager to share your setup or to have a thinking partner about a great setup for now or the upcoming school year.

Show us your RoboKind Station Setup! We would love to see how you use Milo in your classroom at feedback@robokind.com!


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