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The Science of Reading in Action

Marleigh Gilyard Mar 8, 2024 9:42:48 AM

EdWeek recently released an article focused on teacher time on foundational reading skills, and while "there is no magic number... it often falls to teachers to make decisions about how much instructional time to devote to the many interrelated components of reading". Large reading blocks can create a challenge for keeping students engaged and focused. With a reading block of up to 120 minutes, it's essential for educators to implement innovative strategies that not only capture students' attention but align with the Science of Reading.

The Science of Reading in Action

RoboKind Phonics has a mission to find easy ways for teachers to implement the Science of Reading and revolutionize phonics instructions to help students learn to read and enjoy the process. The curriculum, delivered by engaging Virtual Avatars and Robots, is designed to make learning to read both effective and enjoyable. By incorporating evidence-based practices, Interactive Technology, Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Tactile strategies, the program creates multi-sensory opportunities for student success in literacy.

RK branded reading rope (scarborough)

Innovations to Teaching Phonics that Engage Students

  • Digital wall with auditory sounds and visuals for mouth formation.

  • Unique x-ray videos for demonstrating proper pronunciation.

  • Camera as a mirror to practice pronouncing sounds correctly.

  • Multi-sensory play-based centers reinforce phonics skills through hands-on activities.

  • Virtual avatar teaching assistant.

  • Rewards incorporated throughout the lesson.

  • Opportunities for sensory breaks during lessons.

  • Provide real-time scores of students within every lesson to track progress.


Results That Speak Volumes

The impact of RoboKind Phonics is clear: increased engagement and improved reading scores. Through our innovative approach, we've witnessed remarkable results:

  • From 1 to 15 CVC Words: In just four weeks, students have demonstrated significant growth, transitioning from reading 1 CVC word to 15 CVC words in one minute.
  • From the 40th to the 84th Percentile: Students have experienced a remarkable rise in reading proficiency, jumping from the 40th to the 84th percentile.


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Easily Transfer the Science of Reading into Practice. Designed for ease of use and high-fidelity implementations, RoboKind Phonics includes everything you need to deliver a meaningful early literacy curriculum that students love.  

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