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Navigating Early Education: Preparing Learners for School Success

Marleigh Gilyard Mar 5, 2024 1:40:11 PM

Preparing early learners for the journey of elementary school is a critical step in their developmental trajectory. Research shows that social, emotional, and behavioral skills are foundational to learning and long-term success, and at RoboKind we recognize the unique challenges that early learners may face in mastering those skills. Our curriculum is designed to address these challenges with Evidence-Based practices to provide young learners a solid foundation for success.

Bridging the Gap with RoboKind

The transition from preschool to kindergarten requires students to take on more independence, follow routines, and engage in more challenging academic work. This can be especially difficult for students with behavioral or emotional challenges, learning disabilities, or those who may have had limited opportunities for peer interaction due to the pandemic.


Many early learners struggle with recognizing, understanding, and controlling their emotions. This can cause difficulty with communicating with peers and adults through functional conversations, understanding behavioral expectations in the classroom, and following directions. Anxiety, stress, and behavioral challenges in the classroom are on the rise nationwide. Early learners often require additional support with social skills such as sharing, turn-taking, and following directions, ensuring that they can participate in meaningful learning opportunities. 

RoboKind's curriculum serves as a bridge to address these challenges. Children who enter kindergarten more ready to grow and learn have an advantage over their peers who are less ready to do so. Through engaging and interactive lessons, RK programs provide students with the opportunity to practice essential skills in a supportive learning environment.

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Essential Skills for Early Learners

RoboKind Phonics opens a gateway to literacy, a fundamental aspect of early childhood development. The curriculum provides a comprehensive approach to literacy instruction aligned with the Science of Reading. By incorporating multisensory strategies to create opportunities to learn through interactive technology, visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile methods, students engage in playful learning experiences that support their reading success.

RoboKind's Social Skills curriculum uses a Gradual Release Model to instruction, helping students master foundational skills such as behavior regulation, emotional understanding, and preparation for social situations. Whether it's building conversational skills with peers, learning calm down techniques, or stacking the building blocks of literacy, our curriculum provides the necessary tools for developmental progress across the learning domains.

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Learn more about how South Carolina's Department of Education used RoboKind in their Pre-K and Elementary classrooms to support student success and social skill mastery!


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