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Celebrating Student Success in South Ripley, IN

Marleigh Gilyard Nov 8, 2023 8:46:06 AM

In August 2022, Anthony started kindergarten at South Ripley Elementary School in Southeastern Indiana. Alongside Math, History, Language Arts, and Science, RoboKind provides one of Mrs. Casey Hutton's "non-negotiable" subjects taught in her classrooms. 

Starting School at South Ripley ElementaryHUTTON anthony

In the early days of his kindergarten year, Anthony was met with challenges in the classroom. Like many learners entering their first year of school, he struggled with communication. He needed support developing expressive and receptive language comprehension.

For many children, adjusting to the communicative, behavioral, and social demands of school can be a challenging transition. For today's children, this transition can be further strained due to limited opportunities for social interaction with peers, due to the Pandemic in 2020. 


Early Intervention is Key

Early intervention is key when it comes to ensuring that learners are not left behind. South Ripley School District, IN supports early intervention in their Special Education classrooms, providing inclusive education, recognizing that with the right supports in place, every child can succeed.

Mrs. Casey Hutton is no stranger to innovative solutions to supporting student success in her classrooms! Mrs. Hutton is entering her fourth year utilizing RoboKind's Social Skills curriculum in her classroom to engage students and enhance their communication and social interaction skills. Anthony's support team began his journey with RoboKind, introducing him to Milo and Carver. With the support and guidance of his dedicated special education team, Anthony made significant strides in communication, setting the stage for his remarkable progress.


Building On the Momentum

While making strides with the RoboKind Social Skills curriculum, Anthony continued his education journey learning with Milo and friends. Once he was able to develop those essential skills, he advanced into the RoboKind Phonics curriculum to help him learn the building blocks of literacy development, strengthening his phonological and phonemic awareness (a critical component of learning to read!).


Today, Anthony's not only reading but reading at the 1st grade level. He's now excelling in first-grade General Education classes. His progress is not limited to academics; he actively participates in the school's Snack Delivery program, demonstrating his communication and social skills growth!


Success Across the State

Anthony's story from Mrs. Hutton's classroom is a testament to the belief that with innovative tool and inclusive education, every child can reach their full potential. The Indiana Department of Education supports dozens of districts in funding for RoboKind programs.

To learn more about Mrs. Hutton's experience supporting her students with RoboKind, check out her presentation with the Indiana Learning Lab! 

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