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"Calm Down Anywhere" Strategies for Student Success

Marleigh Gilyard Nov 20, 2023 1:40:29 PM

RoboKind is set to launch a series of new lessons in the CASE-Endorsed Social Skills curriculum. Rooted in 22 evidence-based practices, these interactive lessons are tailored to support students in Special Education.

Self-regulation is an Essential Skill that Students Often Struggle to Develop

Self-regulation, also referred to as emotional-regulation, is the ability to calm yourself down when you experience stressful situations. Particularly for students with Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, and Developmental Disabilities, self-regulation can be a hurdle to success both inside and outside of the classroom, especially during heightened moments of anxiety, stress, and/or sensory overload.

In effort to improve student outcomes, RoboKind surveyed and interviewed educators to learn more about what their students need. Through those discoveries, it became clear that safety drills are often an incredible challenging time for students that struggle with unexpected changes or transitions, loud noises, and crowded areas.


"Emergency drills can be traumatic for our students. Anything that we can do to prepare students for when emergencies arrive, or to help them get through safety drills, is very, very important.”

Dr. Sherry Tandeski

Principal at St. John School District #3, ND



Navigating Stressful Situations

When a situation is unexpected for a student, it might trigger one of the following responses:

  • Physical Response, such as headache or stomachache.

  • Emotional Response, such as crying or getting overly upset.

  • Thought Response, such as excessive worrying.

  • Behavioral Response, such as acting out beyond what you might expect.

The focus of our Calm Down Anywhere Social Skills lessons is to equip students with strategies to support them in learning tools that can help them calm down in any situation, including school safety drills or dealing with tense situations in the community.

These lessons introduce five new strategies designed to empower students with the tools to navigate heightened emotions during challenging experiences.


Familiar Faces, Enhanced Learning

These new Social Skills lessons are committed to providing an engaging and effective learning experience for marginalized learners. 

Delivered by the same RoboKind bots and avatars, these lessons maintain the engaging and interactive nature students know and love with exciting enhancements. These lessons introduce new interactive mini-games, additional social stories and video narratives, and an updated lesson delivery that will feel familiar to RoboKind Phonics users. 

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Innovation with Educator Input

As RoboKind expands with new lessons and curriculum (such as RoboKind Phonics), Educator input will continue to be at the forefront of innovation. This helps ensure that students can continue learning from curriculum that was designed with their classroom's goals in mind.


“I love the idea of Safety lessons. It is a need, and we would definitely find it useful”

-Melissa Jupp

Potential Development School for Students with Autism, Ohio


When released, these new lessons and will require an update to access the latest features. To learn more about how to update your robot you can visit our support article, or reach out to your Partnership Success Manager.

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