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RoboKind Announces New Lessons and Product Features for Summer 2022

Marleigh Gilyard Jul 15, 2022 9:23:07 AM
RoboKind Summer 2022 Product Update

Just in time for the new school year, we have made several exciting new updates to the RoboKind program, including:

  • New Lessons
  • Updated Tools for Engagement
  • Family Resources
  • Platform Enhancements on RoboKind Central.


CASE-Endorsed Curriculum 

RoboKind's social-emotional learning curriculum just got even better with new evidence-based interventions. 

Three New Lessons

Thanks to your input, we have created new lessons to target skills your students need support developing.

The curriculum has been slightly restructured separating out the Introductory Module from the RoboQuiz

Scope and Sequence RoboKind

Handwashing Lesson

On the way to developing a new Hygiene Module, we are releasing our first lesson dedicated to handwashing. This is a highly requested lesson as scholars reenter the classroom post-pandemic. 

Here's a look at one of the video models included in the lesson experience.

Red Light, Green Light

Students love this game! The Red Light, Green Light lesson has been enhanced as a tool to increase classroom engagement. Try it in your inclusive classrooms and see your student's reaction.

Meet My Friends!

This lesson is designed to target conversational IEP goals, and features introductions to your robot's diverse group of friends.


RoboKind Central Updates

Central.RoboKind.com is the platform used to connect your robot and personal devices. This is where you can access:  

  • classroom and student data
  • teacher tools
  • family resources and more.

Partners: Log in here to access RoboKind's new enhancements!

Printable Generalization Activities

Teacher Tools on RoboKind Central have been updated to include coloring activities and visual supports to better implement "Robot Time" for students' visual schedules. 

Printable activities on RoboKind Central

Spanish Newsletters

RoboKind is dedicated to expanding our impact to reach even more students and their families. We have transadapted our Family Resources to Spanish, allowing Spanish-speaking families to understand the program their students are using at school.

This is how RoboKind supports the growing population of ELL students in special education.Spanish news letters 

Student Goal Alignment 

No more manual IEP mapping! In 2022, RoboKind added an IEP Skills Goal Matrix allowing educators to select and filter lessons based on targeted social, communication, and behavioral IEP goals.

You can add these goals to student profiles on RoboKind Central, by selecting the "IEP" icon next to the student's name.

RoboKind Companion App

The RoboKind Companion app is primarily used to connect the robot with student and facilitator devices. We made it easier for lesson facilitators to customize lessons for the student they're working with. 

Lesson Progress Indicator

Does a 5 minure lesson sometimes feel like 15? We added a bar at the bottom of the screen showing lesson progress. This will help you keep track of where your students are at during the lesson experience and encourage them to stay engaged until the end.

Now, educators can monitor lesson progression in real-time on the RoboKind Companion App.

Lesson Progress Indicator

Speed Controls

RoboKind robots have an adjusted speech speed to accommodate auditory processing needs. You now have the ability to adjust your robot's speed to enhance engagement for learners as they run lessons.

We know engagement is the key to generalization, making this a highly requested feature for students on the spectrum and in inclusion classrooms.

Educators can locate the setting under Lesson Controls on the RoboKind Companion App, on the right side under Facilitator Controls.

Lesson Speed Controls

It's time to update your Robot and Companion App

To get access to all of these exciting new features, be sure to update your Robot and RoboKind Companion App before the start of the 2022 school year. If you need some help, we got you covered:


So, What's Next? 

We don't want to leave you hanging. So here's a sneak peek at upcoming updates to the RoboKind program. On the horizon, we will be adding personalized student and classroom profiles to better support student goal planning, personalized learning, and best practices in the classroom. Also, improved reporting features and more new lessons including transitional lessons and bullying. 

We'd love to hear from you! We highly encourage your team to submit feedback to us at support.robokind.com.  


Want more info about these new features? Check out our release notes HERE.

New to RoboKind? Learn more HERE.

Already a partner?  Submit your feedback HERE.

Want to bring robots to your district? Request a quote HERE.


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