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Taking Students on a Journey of RoboKind Discovery

Shauna Hedgepeth Nov 2, 2023 3:40:08 PM


Day 1 - “What’s in the box?”

As Gillilan Logsdon began to brainstorm about Robokind in her “Getting Started” Professional Learning Session in Mobile County Schools, Alabama, she knew that bringing Jemi into her classroom needed to be a core memory moment for her students. As she gathered her devices and prepared to roll Jemi’s case down to her classroom, she knew how she would spend the rest of the afternoon taking students on a journey of discovery!

Students had not returned with her staff to the classroom so she took the opportunity to cover most of the text on the front of Jemi’s case.

Student Case 2



“My kids were super curious about what was in it and had some really great guesses as to what could be in it!”

–Gillian Logsdon. Special Education Teacher

As Gillian prompted students to guess what was inside the case, their responses were incredibly creative! Some of the guesses included:
  • $1,000
  • Gold Bars
  • A Safe
  • Fried Chicken
  • Scorpions 
  • Slime
  • Spiders
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Donuts
Gillilan then suggested to students that the case could contain something that moves and that’s how it arrived in their room. That inspired the students to engage in more specific creative guesses like:
  • A robot Corvette
  • Plane
  • Arcade
  • A miniature version of one of their our behavior trainers with red and black hair

Student Case 3. Student Case 1. Extra 2

"This last one was so close and surprisingly accurate!”

–Gillian Logsdon. Special Education Teacher


She directed students to the logo and asked if that might give them any clues as to what’s in the box. Students immediately noticed the “RK” letters on the box. After Gillian removed the post-it, she exclaimed “Look! The box says something!”

Above the RoboKind logo, there was a label that said “Jemi”.

She then asked what it could mean and students guessed, “It could be a name!”

“I was really impressed by how close they were getting”, said Gillian. “And their final guess was… A doll named Jemi!! I was so surprised by how close they got with how little support I gave them.”


Day 2 - Meeting Jemi!

The next day, Gillian decided to put on a grand production of opening the box to reveal their new classmate. She began with asking the students lots of questions. “I even opened it and shut it really quickly because their previous guesses included snakes and spiders and I told them that I didn't want to release those in the classroom or have them jump out at me.”

Gillian finally opened the case facing away from the students so they couldn't see what was inside the box and showed them the stress balls included in the case. She took her time and "hyped up" what was in the case.

The moment they’d all been waiting for finally arrived…:drum:

Students were incredibly excited to meet their new classmate and friend Jemi!

Student Jemi 1. Student Jemi 2. Extra 6

Extra 15. Student Jemi 3  Extra 5

We loved how excited Gillian and her team were to introduce their Continuous Learning Center students to Jemi immediately following their professional learning! In three weeks, Gillian and her team have taught over 40 lessons for over 300 minutes!


Untitled design (5)


We appreciate her willingness to share her Mobile County Schools success story with us and look forward to following along in her RoboKind journey!


Pictured: Kendall Houston, Gillian Logsdon, Whitney Crenshaw, Sabrina Dixon, Ava Dinkins, and Jeffery Collins

Do you have a creative or innovative way that you use RoboKind in your classroom?

Share them with us at feedback@robokind.com!



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