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February RoboKind Champion Challenge

Shauna Hedgepeth Feb 8, 2024 9:08:00 AM


What is an RK Champion?

RoboKind appreciates the role every adult plays in helping students be successful. Each month we highlight a few partners who have exceptional use cases in all different areas of engagement with RoboKind. Not only are these facilitators highlighted in our newsletter to showcase their usage, but they also receive some RoboKind swag to celebrate!


February’s RK Champion Challenge

With Valentine’s Day approaching shortly, we thought February would be a great month to spotlight partners with significant virtual avatar usage minutes. While the majority of our partners have a physical robot in their schools, many have fallen in love with the flexible addition of the virtual avatar for their instruction. And at RoboKind, we love to show that love right back to our partners so we will showcase the top five facilitators with the highest virtual avatar minutes for the month.

Flexibility for Your Students and Your Needs

As a reminder, you have access to Milo and all of his friends through the virtual avatar option as you log in:

Virtual Avatar

Virtual Avatar Choices

Not only can you use your virtual avatar on your interactive board to teach small/whole group lessons, but you can take your virtual avatars anywhere for one-on-one lessons with your students. Learn more about why we LOVE the Virtual Avatars!



By giving students variety and choice in their learning, our facilitators are able to meet students' needs and help design an immersive experience while they expand their social skills with Milo and his friends.

Want to learn more? Reach out to your Partnership Success Manager and check out these posts that highlight our virtual avatars and some specific implementation ideas!

Do you have a unique implementation story using our virtual avatars? We would love to spotlight you in an upcoming blog post!

Share your ideas/stories with us at feedback@robokind.com



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