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Connecting the Dots Between Cognitive and Motor Skill Development in SPED

Marleigh Gilyard Apr 2, 2024 10:32:35 AM

Recent research from Oregon State University sheds light on the importance of the integration of cognitive and motor skill development. This is particularly paramount for young learners and students in special education.

While we know this to be true, we still find therapy and supports for developing these critical skills to be in isolation of each other. Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy often focus on fine and gross motor skill development, while separately Speech Therapy and Behavioral Therapy emphasis receptive and expressive communication skills, self-regulation, and emotional understanding.

"Fine motor skills are closely linked to cognition, such as the combination of moves kids must remember and perform in the correct order to write their name. The gross motor skills used in a playground game of kickball work in tandem with the social and emotional skills used to interact with other students and work as a team"

-Dr. Megan MacDonald, OSU College of Health


Bridging the Gap with IVAKT

RoboKind's innovative approach combines Evidence-Based Practices from Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, and Behavior Therapy to blend multisensory strategies to create engaging and effective learning experiences.

IVAKT strategies (Interactive Technology, Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Tactile) are instrumental in promoting the development of fundamental motor skills.

Learn more about these multisensory strategies!

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Our Phonics and Social Skills programs are designed for diverse learning styles and sensory preferences, and empowers learners through student choice. When students are learning through play, they are paving the way for enhanced cognitive function and academic success.

“We’re talking about the importance of play, functional and otherwise,” Dr. MacDonald said. “Really engaging with kids in opportunities where they can use their skills.”

-Oregon State University Research Study

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Through interactive exercises and immersive experiences, RoboKind helps teachers create a supportive environment where students can explore, experiment, and expand their skillsets.

Whether it's refining fine motor skills with our Tactile learning materials or building gross motor skills through Kinesthetic activities, RoboKind's IVAKT strategies offer a comprehensive platform that nurtures skill development in learners of all abilities. 

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