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Marleigh Gilyard

Marleigh Gilyard is the head of Product Management & Strategy at RoboKind.

RoboKind Launches New Social Skills Lessons!

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Latest Posts

"Calm Down Anywhere" Strategies for Student Success

RoboKind is set to launch a series of new lessons in the CASE-Endorsed Social Skills curriculum. Rooted in 22 evidence-based practices, these interactive lessons are tailored to..

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Celebrating Student Success in South Ripley, IN

In August 2022, Anthony started kindergarten at South Ripley Elementary School in Southeastern Indiana. Alongside Math, History, Language Arts, and Science, RoboKind provides one..

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The Key to Unlocking Reading: Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

According to the Science of Reading, mastering phonological and phonemic awareness is the key to unlocking the world of reading. This is especially true in special education..

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And the Winner is...

RoboKind is honored to accept the 2022 SEL Solution of the Year Supes' Choice Award from the Institute for Education Innovation (IEI). IEI brings together a group of..

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RoboKind Announces New Lessons and Product Features for Summer 2022

Just in time for the new school year, we have made several exciting new updates to the RoboKind program, including:

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