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What is robots4autism®?Student and facilitator working with Milo the robot

robots4autism® by RoboKind® utilizes cutting edge facially expressive robots and tablet technology to deliver a curriculum addressing relevant social skills for school-aged children with autism. This curriculum employs the evidence-based practices of visual supports, social narratives, and video modeling. It emphasizes improving theory of mind to help with the understanding of emotions, relevant social cues, perspectives and appropriate responses. In addition, the curriculum facilitates coherence by providing multiple ways for the child to gain meaning about the social situation. The curriculum uses a consistent core vocabulary both within and across the lessons and utilizes visual supports in the form of graphic symbols which creates an auditory-visual connection to further comprehension. Embedded assessments document student progress and provide actionable insights into a student's trajectory.

Once the child has shown mastery of a skill within the robot-delivered curriculum, skills must be generalized to human interactions, both in structured and real-life activities. The Curriculum Guide in the robot4autism® package outlines suggested extension activities to support therapists’, teachers’ and parents’ interactions with the child subsequent to completion of each robots4autism® module.

robots4autism® is a comprehensive intervention program that uses purpose-built humanoid robots to deliver developmental instruction modules that teach critical functional skills.

  • The curriculum uses proven best practices for teaching social and behavioral skills
  • The robot, Milo, creates a high-level of engagement between the student and the robot
  • Unlimited repetition of lessons that are 100% consistent
  • Data provided to document and direct student progress

Why robots4autism® Works



Robot-delivered, clinically tested curriculum.

Using robots4autism, learners with ASD improve their social and behavioral skills and gain the confidence to succeed academically and socially.


With robots4autism You Can:

  • Increase the number of hours of instruction Learners with ASD receive
  • Improve the effectiveness of instruction
  • Reduce the cost of high-quality 1:1 instruction

Positive Student Outcomes

Learners with ASD using the Robots4Autism curriculum show observable increases in engagement: eye contact, body language and friendliness. Working with Milo, learners act more appropriately in social situations, self-motivate, self-regulate, and generalize in the population.


Rapid decreases in disruptions and meltdowns; increases in ability to concentrate.
Due to Calm Down modules and acceptance of Milo as a friend.

Emotional Understanding
Increased understanding of human emotions and their meanings creates a willingness to look at humans directly in their face.
Creates confidence and willingness to engage in social situations.

Dramatic increases in verbalization and attempts to use language and expand vocabulary.

Changes in behavior and interaction at home and a recognition by parents that things have improved.

Ability to function in school translates into rapid academic progress.

Significant increases in student time on task, teachers report a 3-5X increase in student focus.

These life-changing benefits often occur after only 1-4 months of interaction with Milo.