Create lasting change for students with ASD and the educators who support them.

A Friend of ASD Learners…
Milo is a non-threatening friend who helps learners with ASD practice their communication and social skills. He can walk, talk, and model human facial expressions. Plus, he never gets frustrated or tired!

...And Special Education Educators
newsEngin_21355986_032918-this-life-milo-HS02-3Our clinically-tested curriculum help support the number of instruction hours for ASD students, improve the effectiveness of lessons, and reduce the cost of 1:1 instruction.

Schedule your personal webinar with Milo and his representative, where you’ll see how Milo and the robots4autism curriculum will help ASD students learn how to:

  • Tune in on emotions
  • Express empathy
  • Self-motivate
  • Increase willingness and capacity for social engagement