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Continuing Social-Emotional
Learning During the Summer

In partnership with Edmonton Catholic Schools

On May 28th, we presented the amazing work by Nicole Cunningham's team at Edmonton Catholic
Schools. Thinking creatively, they digitized RoboKind's curriculum and technology during a major
transition to remote learning due to COVID-19.

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Week 1

Calm Down Lesson

During this lesson, students will review key emotional and self-regulation vocabulary in order to better identify, understand, and model "calm down" tools. 

Download the Lesson Plan Video #1 Video #2 Video #3

Week 2

Greetings Lesson

This week, students will learn how to say “hi” to friends! It also includes a video module of friends greeting each other, focused on them looking at their faces, smiling and saying “hi”.

Download the Lesson Plan Video #1

Week 3

Conversation: Leave Taking

This lesson teaches the student what to do when leaving someone. Milo tells the student to look at their friend’s face, smile and say “bye” when leaving them.

Download the Lesson Plan Video #1 

Week 4

Emotions: Happy, Sad, & Angry

In this lesson, Milo draws attention to the different parts of the face that change/move when displaying different emotions and shows different ways those parts can move.

Download the Lesson Plan Video #1

Week 5

Emotions: Hurt, Tired, & Excited

In this less Milo explains how most people look when they are feeling hurt, tired and excited.

Download the Lesson Plan Video #1

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