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Success Stories

Isaiah first learns a skill from Milo, then uses the iPad to view social scenarios and answer questions. "There was so much in him that we couldn't figure out how to get to until he was willing to let us in... until we brought Milo to him," remarks Isaiah’s teacher. Photo courtesy of Jamie Ptacek.

Freethink.com: Robots for Autism Teach Human Emotion


Implementation and student success at Spectrum Academy

Staff at Spectrum Academy discuss their success with robots4autism, the life changing impacts it has had on their students, how it was implemented and integrated into their programs. They discuss the curriculum and use of Milo the robot. They…

Video: "I'm Getting to know my kid." Menominee Falls, WI


A mom and teacher in Menominee Falls, WI discuss and show how a student working with Milo has gone from having regular violent meltdowns to learning and participating in class.

At Shady Lane Elementary in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, the…


Students with ASD Meet IEP Goals Through Team-Building and Consistency

Providing the necessary support for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be a challenge in the most forgiving of circumstances. The biggest challenge that Trillium Lakelands District School Board in Ontario faces is sheer size. The…

How Milo is assisting Green Hills AEA southwest Iowa children learn social skills for everyday social interactions

Learn how robots4autism was implemented and helped students in Green Hills, Iowa. One student went from using only a few words to full sentences in only a few weeks.

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BCSSD Adopted Milo

How a Robot Improves Students’ People Skills: The Burlington County Special Services School District Story

According to Adell Valasek, the supervisor of education at Burlington County Special Services School District (BCSSSD), in her district, “academics come second.”


Taking Autism Education from Reactive to Proactive: The Blairsville-Saltsburg School District Story

A speech language pathologist explains how Milo and robots4autism helped make her district’s approach to social skills instruction more systematic and effective.

A few years ago, the Blairsville-Saltsburg School District was looking for tools to…

Robots4Autism: Stone Lakes Elementary School, Orange County, FL

Teacher Christy Dove said Milo is a helpful tool she can use to connect with her students."They don't feel judged by him. They feel like an equal," she said. "There's also the novelty. What student wouldn't want to work with a robot?"


Success Story: The Orange Grove Center | Tennessee

Sam is a 39-year-old man who lives in a support facility run by The Orange Grove Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He has significant intellectual and mental health disabilities, making it difficult for him to function in everyday society.…

Success Story: Elgin Middle School | Elgin ISD

Students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often have communication differences that form a barrier between them and their peers. These students also often have trouble making eye contact and greeting people appropriately. With a lack…

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