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Innovative Technology to Facilitate Social Intelligence in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Posted by Robots 4 Autism | Oct 6, 2016 7:00:00 PM

Fred Margolin & Pamela R. Rollins, MS Ed.D. ccc-slp

Social skills intervention for children with ASD needs to focus on improving Theory of Mind skills to help with the understanding of emotions, relevant social cues, perspectives and appropriate responses. In addition it is helpful if the intervention facilitates coherence providing multiple ways for the child to gain meaning about the social situation. Social narratives and video modeling are two evidenced based practices that facilitate social understanding and coherence. Social narratives describe social situations highlighting the relevant social cues, perspectives, and common responses. Video modeling is a Technology-Aided Instruction that uses short video to provide a visual model of the targeted social skills. Implementing these interventions in combination through humanoid robot technology can have several advantages over human to human communication when facilitating Theory of Mind and social skill.

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Topics: Research

Written by Robots 4 Autism

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