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Remote Social-Emotional Learning

Finally, Remote

Introducing robots4autism®: Avatar.

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Proudly Endorsed by CASE.

The Same Great Curriculum.

Our new Avatar software allows you to deliver evidence-based, research-driven, social-emotional curriculum and content to your students, regardless of location. Developed by top researchers and practitioners, the program contains 13 modules and 110+ lessons designed to help PK-12 students understand emotions and master social and behavioral practices.

Innovating Educators Love RoboKind®


Milo has become a very efficient tool in helping our students with autism improve outcomes in terms of their social-emotional learning, their speech pragmatics, and their behavior.

Dr. Lisa Raiford, Autism Education Associate at Department of Education (SC)

Joseph J. Mahoney

For even our most severe cases, Milo and RoboKind’s program helped our students make tangible progress toward their IEP goals. And, it only took a handful of lessons. The student response is more than promising.

Joseph Mahoney, Director of Behavioral & Mental Health at Intermediate Unit 1


Today, our 10 robots have been able to work with 55 students across 10 elementary schools, serving as a highly effective therapeutic solution and intervention for improving the social, communication and behavior skills of students with Autism SpectrumDisorder (ASD).

Jessica McCracken, Special Education Case Manager at Philadelphia ISD

Samantha Bear

My students like the calm down strategies, whether or not they are working with Milo. We have a quiet corner and I see them using the same strategies that Milo previously taught them. They are getting something from it; that is the most important piece.

Samantha Bear, Special Education Teacher at Menomonee Falls High School

closing the gap

Closing The Gap

Remote and blended learning has put an outsized burden on special education students, their parents, and the educators tasked with guiding them to social-emotional skill mastery. Avatar fixes this growing gap so you can focus on meeting IEP goals. 

phased onboarding

Phased Onboarding

We get it, the school year is busy, without the added stresses of a global pandemic and closures. We work with schools and districts to make Avatar implementation a welcome and simple experience that works with your schedule, in your budget, and on your terms.

Funding flexability

Funding Flexibility

We developed Avatar to fit within the approved uses of CARES Act recently passed by Congress. Specifically, robots4autism: Avatar is an assistive technology (hardware & software) that allows special educators to carry out their requirements under IDEA. 

Impact Across South Carolina.

For the past 3 years, South Carolina's Department of Education funded a partnership with RoboKind to understand the potential impact of assistive technology and evidence-based curriculum in achieving IEP goals. We couldn't be more proud of the results.

SC Years 1 & 2: Executive Summary

Common Questions That Educators Ask

Does robots4autism® meet requirements for federal, state, and local funding?

Absolutely! In fact, most of our customers fund RoboKind programs with publicly available funds for schools and districts.

Specifically, RoboKind's technology is an assistive hardware and software program that helps educators fulfill their duties under the provisions set by IDEA. Our curriculum is evidence-based, meaning it is backed by extensive research.

We have also helped secure over $1M in additional government funding with partner Departments of Education. For us, public-private partnerships drive outsized student impact, especially when coupled with innovative programs like ours. It makes us proud that our technology and the impact it creates is accessible to all students and schools.

If you or your school need assistance in applying for a grant or funding of any kind, please reach out to our team at milo@robokind.com!

Is Avatar a standalone product?

Today, Avatar is included as a feature of our wider reaching robots4autism® program that includes our facially-expressive robots and evidence-based curriculum.

While we are working hard to offer software-only subscriptions of robots4autsim®: Avatar, it is currently not available as a standalone subscription.

Does RoboKind offer professional development services?

Yes! In fact, we are very proud of our professional development department, helmed by Mary Shaw.

Each robots4autism® program includes initial facilitator training and professional development credits (1 per hour) can be purchased at any point during your RoboKind implementation. If you are interested in purchasing more credits, simple reach out to your customer success representative!

What are the technical requirements for implementing RoboKind's programs?

Each program has slightly different requirements. That's why we created a whole support channel for you and your colleagues to review.

Simply visit www.robokind.com/support for specific information relating each program.

Is there a demo I can watch and share with my colleagues?

There is! Check out your customizable demos below:

robots4autism®: Experience the social-emotional learning program that helps students build the confidence and skill mastery they need to build lifelong relationships. Watch the Demo.

robots4STEM®: Send your students to space and watch them master early coding and computer science skills that help them realize their potential to change the world. Watch the Demo.

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