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Professional Learning for

At RoboKind, we believe professional learning should be ongoing, relevant, effective, and always connected to educator learning.


Our current catalogue of professional learning sessions and packages.


Accelerate Impact Bundle

Our full-year professional learning bundle includes BoY, MoY, and EoY sessions for your educators and focuses on accelerating impact and improving IEP goal outcomes.

10 Credits


Getting Started with RoboKind

Ideal for educators who have not yet worked with our team, this 3- hour hands on workshop is fun, engaging, and personalized to guarantee implementation fidelity.

4 Credits

New Orleans Milo robot is changing the way students with Autism learn-thumb

Beyond the Basics

Our middle of the year (MoY) session focuses on Data Reports & Writing SEL IEP Goals, taking a deep dive into the data of each of your students. Learners will write SEL Goals for themselves and their students.

4 Credits

Preparing for Next Year

Together, we examine your students, the IEP goals they mastered, and their transition plans, whether its to the next grade, college, or a career.

4 Credits


RoboKind Instructional Coaching

For our Professional Learning Communities, this 1-hour live session allows us to "check in" and work with your educators to ensure high fidelity implementation.

1 Credit


The RoboKind Refresh

Whether your educators are just getting back from a break, or you just want to reinforce fidelity, this short program gets everyone on the same page and accelerates effective usage.

1 Credit

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