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Accelerate early literacy.

RoboKind Phonics is the only play-based, explicit, and systematic phonics program aligned with the Science of Reading. Did we mention, we’re the only phonics program with a humanoid robot?

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30-Minute Structured Lessons

Each lesson includes target sound practice, build, write, and read a word, I-VAKT learning modalities, and assessments.

Easily Stored Learning Materials

Each learning material bag comes with foam letters, LCD writing tablets, flashcards, and I-VAKT learning centers.

Interactive Robots & Avatars

RoboKind Phonics uses facially-expressive robots and interactive avatars to keep students engaged.

Implementation Flexibility

Our Phonics program can be delivered individually for targeted intervention, in small group settings, or to the whole class.


Excitement For Phonics

Students are happily having fun reading.

RoboKind Phonics helps students have fun while learning to read. That's something we can all celebrate.


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