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Government Agencies

State Department of Education Leaders, Ministry of Education Leaders, Lawmakers, National Policy Advocates.

Some of our biggest integrations have been the result of working closely with government agencies. Lawmakers and agency leadership are empowered to make the biggest waves in educational systems throughout the United States. While standard funds and grants are available, we have also helped committees and staff plan effective value-add or supplemental funding for constituency populations.

We know that developing policy is a challenge in the ever evolving fields of education and technology.  We have experience working closely with lawmakers as policy advocates, research partners, and funding partners for various grant projects.  We have the project management expertise and evidence basis to withstand rigorous evaluation processes, and we work closely with a variety of professionals in the US and around the world.

"This is actually the 22nd robot that we’ve put in schools. Because of the outcomes we’ve had so far, the number of other districts in South Carolina have moved forward and purchased the program on their own as well. This is the third year of the program that we’ll be entering in, so we’re very excited to bring Florence Three in on this program."Lisa Raiford, Austism Education Associate, South Carolina Department of Education


School Districts & Regional Centers

Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, and Special Education Directors, Technology Directors, STEM Coordinators, and Professional Development Leaders. We know that school districts are facing the increase pressures of staffing amidst growing teacher shortages.  Special education and computer science educators are among those in the highest demand and who seem the most scarce. Thousands of schools in the US lack certified teachers for their special education classes.  With RoboKind, leading small group and individual lessons can be done in a scripted, simplified, consistent way, allowing a certified teacher or therapist, paraprofessional, or even a substitute teacher to easily facilitate the robot and curriculum.

"Everybody reported that their kids are just glued to him when he’s on. Even if they say, ‘We’re too cool for Milo,’ they still get intrigued. I have found that skills we have gone over and we need to continue to practice, when the robot is giving specific information, they are so much more engaged."Karen Maladra, Associate Director of Interventions at St. Charles School District 303


Public, Private, and Charter Schools

School Administrators, Classroom Teachers, Library / Media Specialists, Special Education Professionals, and Paraprofessionals / Aides / Substitute Teachers. Working with educators at schools is one of our favorite daily activities. Directly communicating with the people most closely using our technology and programs inspires us to innovate. In fact, many ideas and updates are because of the feedback and creative thinking we receive from teachers across all grade levels. At the end of the day, when we meet the needs of the educators who rely on our technology, we tangibly improve the outcomes of our programs.

"We have students who would never make eye contact for a greeting or a leaving moment, saying hi or saying goodbye, and that’s happening now. Kids who wouldn’t talk before, they’re trying to talk. One student who has pretty severe physical communication when he’s upset—with himself, other people, objects—is using the calm down skills he’s learned from Milo, like taking a deep breath. We made a laminated card for him with the calm down tools for him to put on his desk, and he’ll initiate those himself, without being reminded by a teacher."Dr. Shannon Darst, Special Education Teacher at Elgin ISD


Health Organizations

Speech / Language Therapists, Medical Professionals, and Assisted Living Facilitators. Our technology and programs are designed to be assistive and easily integrated into your programs to meet a variety of goals. Whether you are seeking a communication tool for your therapy center, assistive technology to support transitions, or our team can help.

“The student flew, she increased three grades within a nine month period. Milo and RoboKind are a great opportunity to add a really big tool to your toolbox.”Dr. Shelley Margow, Occupational Therapist and Clinical Director at Children's Therapy Works



Universities, Professors, and Scientists. Founded on the belief that technology must be informed by quantitative and qualitative research, RoboKind strives to partner with as many researchers as possible. Innovative studies improve our collective understanding of not just social and emotional differences, but also the impact technology has on education, generally.

“[We] describe the results from preliminary psychology experiments, which indicate that people (both children and adults) with autism or ASD accept realistic human-like robots, are not afraid of such robots, find such robots appealing and engaging, and may be more likely to increase social awareness as a result of interacting with such robots.”David Hanson, Ph.D., et. al., Realistic Humanlike Robots for Treatment of ASD, Social Training, and Research


Community Leaders

Sports Teams and Foundations, Local Nonprofits, and Faith-based Communities. We work with a wide variety of community organizes to craft programs that cater to the specific needs of the community. Additionally, as you continue to engage your community, reach out to donors, and communicate your message, we provide clear reporting that helps you quantify the impact you make. For us, partnering with your community is about better engaging your network in order to see tangible improvements in your initiatives.

"I feel like when things happen with the Spurs the impact is times ten. It says something when you see a Spurs player engaging with technology or engaging with science. We had some really cool robotics."Dan Moreno, Board Member at Spurs Give

Technology is only as good as the content it delivers. That's why we invest heavily in creating evidence-based, standards-aligned curriculum.
Technology is only as good as the content it delivers. That's why we invest in creating evidence-based, standards informed curriculum.
Your students and patrons have specific, unique needs. Our tested and proven instructional models are designed help you reach your goals.