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Bring Your Student's Code to Life.

Coding Curriculum that Inspires.

Helping students move beyond the screen. 

Multiple studies show that STEM curriculum drives better college and career readiness for students. Specifically, coding and computer science presents students with new opportunities to think critically, communicate effectively, and innovate collaboratively. It's also pretty cool to make a robot dance. 

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Core Missions of our Coding Curriculum:

Digital Citizenship

Today, students are inundated with digital content. It is important they understand both the benefits and dangers of having an online presence. In this mission, your students will explore ways to stay safe on the Internet while becoming a positive influence in online communities. 

Algorithms and Sequencing

Algorithms are critical to understanding computer programming. This mission helps students learn that algorithms are the step by step instructions needed to perform a programmed task. Importantly, the sequence (order) of those tasks can completely change the outcome!

Designing Computer Programs

Like blueprints, design is a critical step in developing programs. Without proper designs, program development can face significant bugs (problems) that require troubleshooting and redevelopment. This mission outlines the four major steps in the programming process.


Like a math problem, computer programming requires knowledge of several different data types. The overall theme of data types is called variables. This mission helps your students understand the different types of data and how to separate each. 


Once mastered, students progress to conditional logic, developing their own descriptive steps using their skills to create a new, basic game. More advanced missions allow students to break down and fix problems programmatically using conditional statements.

Key-Press Events

At the end of the day, the best programs are engaging and impact real-world environments. This mission helps your students learn to create programs that demonstrate event-driven programming. In fact, once complete, they will be able to make Jett dance!

"For us coding is not a set of technical skills but a new type of literacy and personal expression, valuable for everyone, much like learning to write. We see coding as a new way for people to organize, express, and share their ideas."Mitchel Resnick, Prof. of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab



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