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Supporting Educators

Our Team

We measure our success by the impact we make, not the technology we create.

RoboKind's Executive Leadership team is a diverse group of experts and former educators.

Richard Margolin, CEO & Founder

Richard Margolin

Founder & CEO

As RoboKind's Founder and Leader, Richard guides us as we continue to innovate and make exponential impact with our K-12 partners. When he isn't daydreaming about the next-generation of Milo, he enjoys making Origami and cuddling with his dog Kyoh.

We support special educators in their mission to improve behavioral, social, and academic outcomes for autistic students.

We believe that assistive technology and social-emotional curriculum are the best tools for improving student outcomes. Yet, our programs are useless without the amazing work of educators like you.

Therefore, we view our duty as supporting educators in their classroom, in whatever way that may be.

Joshua Jach, VP of Engineering

Joshua Jach

Vice President, Engineering

Joshua leads our engineering teams, working cross functionally with software and hardware development to bring vision to life. In his free time, Joshua enjoys extreme sports like rock climbing, snowboarding, building & racing cars!
Mary Shaw, VP of Professional Learning

Mary Shaw

VP of Professional Learning

Previously a special educator, Mary develops our professional learning experience for teachers, She loves taking on her favorite Food Network Chef, Bobby Flay. With her New Orleans rooted Iron Chef skills, she is sure to beat him!
Daniel Gerow, VP of Operations

Daniel Gerow

VP of Operations

Leading our operations and shared services team, Daniel wears multiple hats to effectively support the execution of our mission, values, and programs. His favorite meal is a grazing board eaten on a patio with his family!
Souphia Ieng

Souphia Ieng

Sr. Director, Art & Creative

Leading product creative and art, Souphia manages animation, UX/UI design, graphic design, & product design. When not working with robots, she enjoys drawing, videos games, and needlework. She has two cats & loves them maybe too much!

Marissa Moyer, Director of Culture

Marissa Moyer

Director, Culture

Marissa oversees all things culture and manages our social media. She handles employee on-boarding experience, organizes team building events, and makes the office go 'round. In her free time, Marissa tends her worm farms, studies plants, and hugs her cats Afton & Ollie!

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