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Informational Videos


See Milo in Action at Beaufort County School District

The Robots4Autism program is incredibly innovative because it utilizes a humanoid, social, facially expressive robot as a tool to help teach social, emotional, behavioral and communicative skills.  Over 1500 video vignettes and 1700…


Modules in the Robots4Autism Curriculum

Watch this three-minute video for an overview of the four modules that comprise the Robots4Autism curriculum—Introductory, Conversational, Situational and Emotional. 

Evidence-Based Practices in the Robots4Autism Curriculum

During this two-minute video, Dr. Pamela R. Rollins reviews the eight evidence-based practices that are used in the Robots4Autism curriculum to help school-age children with autism practice and develop critical functional social skills.

Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Robots4Autism Curriculum

This four-minute video provides an explanation of why robot-led intervention is so effective with children with autism. You’ll learn the evidence-based strategies that are used throughout the curriculum to engage and connect with children with…


An Introduction to Robots4Autism

Why Use a Robot to Teach Social Skills to Children with Autism?

The Robots4Autism curriculum and its delivery by Milo the robot is based on research and best practices that show that children with autism are often more comfortable and engaged with robots than when working with a human therapist alone. In…

Situational Modules in the Robots4Autism Curriculum

Watch this 30 minute webinar for a closer look at the content of the Robots4Autism Situational Modules and how they help children with autism build and practice their social and behavioral skills.

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